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Cold Laminator 2510

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Make posters, banners, and cutouts last longer with the easy-to-use VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510. It requires no electricity and saves space and time with easy paper loading and output hooks that automatically roll laminated posters and banners. It can laminate:

  • Posters up to 25” wide
  • Banners
  • 12” x 18” Construction paper
  • 9” x 12” Construction paper

The VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 is also a great complement to the Cutout Maker because edges won’t separate when cut, so you can laminate before cutting, saving the countless hours required to manually cut around hot-laminated shapes.

The ProFinish™ Jr. Laminator is available for laminating all your letter-size documents, hand-outs and student work!

VariQuest ProFinish Jr. Laminator

The Cold Laminator is so quick and easy to use and you never have to wait for it to warm up to get started like a regular laminator

Deb Hill
Education Manager
Capital Area Community Services Head Start
Lansing, MI


How quickly does the VariQuest Cold Laminator laminate?

With the turn of the crank handle the Cold Laminator laminates the document at the same speed as the handle turning. Unlike traditional school laminators, there is no need to warm up or cool down the laminator, as it requires no heat or electricity.

What are the dimensions of the cold laminate film?

The VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 laminate is 25” x 300’.

How do I load laminate into the Cold Laminator?

How do I load documents into the Cold Laminator?

Please see the VariQuest Cold Laminator User’s Guide for instructions on loading and aligning documents using the input guides and hooks.

How do I use the output hooks?

Please see the VariQuest Cold Laminator User’s Guide for instructions on attaching and removing output hooks.

How many posters can I laminate with one roll of cold roll laminate?

With the Cold Laminator you can laminate about 100 standard (23” x 32”) posters using one roll of laminate.

Will other cold roll laminate work in the Cold Laminator?

No, only laminate sold through your authorized VariQuest dealer is matched with the laminator to assure the high-quality output from the Cold Laminator. Laminate for other cold roll laminators is not compatible.

Can I trim the laminated document to its edge?

Yes, there is no need to leave a margin of laminate as the dual-sided laminate will keep the edges from separating.

What materials can I laminate?

The school lamination machine is compatible with all types of computer-printed media including laser, inkjet, color and thermal in a wide range of material sizes and thickness. In addition, all Poster Maker paper (TTP, DTP and HDP) can be used with the Cold Laminator.

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  • Add longevity to your posters, banners, documents, cutouts, manipulatives and more by protecting and preserving them for continued use year after year
  • No electricity or heat is needed, allowing them to be used with any paper used in the Poster Maker
  • Laminate construction paper before creating cutouts, eliminating the need to cut them twice

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