Cutout Maker

For pricing and/or to place your order, locate your authorized VariQuest Rep or call 1-800-328-0585.

A revolutionary, digital die-cut system created specifically for schools, the Cutout Maker will help you bring lessons to life with automatically-cut letters, numbers, manipulatives, shapes and bulletin board collections.

To enhance your classroom activities even more, access additional content options with a Premium Access CD (PACD) or with learning modules created specifically to align with both state and common core standards.

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Our teachers are die-cutting everything: classroom rules, station names, picture words bulletin boards, take home calendars and art projects. More importantly, they are saving time and we are saving money.

Erica Huls
Technology Specialist
Southview Elementary School
Waconia, MN


What is the difference in cost between mechanical die cuts and Cutout Maker electronic dies?

Mechanical dies for traditional die cutters range in price from approximately $40 – $105. Cutout Maker electronic dies are $0.80 per shape when you invest in the Premium Content Access CD (No Expiration).

REMEMBER: Unlike other school die-cutting machines, the Cutout Maker features electronic dies that are scalable! Most electronic dies can range in size from 1” to 18”.

How do I purchase additional die-cut shapes, fonts and collections?

You can order additional content from your authorized VariQuest sales specialist or call 1-800-328-0585. The content options include: No Expiration or 1-Year Access to the Premium Content Access CD or Learning Modules.
You can invest in a Premium Content Access CD (offered in No Expiration or 1-Year Access) that will give you access to over 3,800 shapes, 14 fonts and 172 collections.
Also, you are able to invest in Learning Modules that will give you access to 30-118 shapes, fonts and/or collections geared towards a specific content area and grade level range. You will own all Learning Module content.
After you receive the CD (Premium Content Access CD or Learning Module), call the VariQuest Registration Center at 1-800-328-0585 to activate your new content.

How will all teachers, volunteers, and administrators in my school know what die-cut shapes, fonts and collections we own?

Fonts that your school owns will appear when you choose the Letters, Numbers & Symbols button in the Design Center Software. The collections will appear when you choose the Collections button. This is a welcome alternative to digging through racks of mechanical dies – a required step when using other school die-cut machines.

All shapes appear when you choose the Shapes button in the Design Center Software. The shapes that your school has purchased and activated will have an orange ‘Activated’ label with a white background. Shapes that your school does not yet own will be grayed out with a “Not Activated” label.

Can my Cutout Maker shapes, fonts and collections also be printed on posters and awards?

Fonts, which are purchased and activated for the Cutout Maker, may be printed on the Poster Maker and Awards Maker. However, the shapes and collections are developed differently than the print-only graphics and cannot be printed on posters and awards.

Is the cut speed for laminated construction paper the same as unlaminated construction paper?

No. The cut speed depends on the content (shape, font or collection) being cut. Blade depth and blade pressure vary, therefore cutting speeds range from approximately 1” to 6” per second. The average cut speed is 4” per second.

How often do I need to change the Cutout Maker blade?

As a general guideline and preventative maintenance tip, we suggest that you change your blade once a month. You may need to change it more often depending on material type and volume of cutting.

How often do I need to change the Cutout Maker cutting mat?

As a general guideline and preventative maintenance tip, we suggest that you change your cutting mat once a year depending on usage. You can extend the life of your mat by rotating it 180° periodically.

What does “Minimum Cut Size” mean? Is this the same for all shapes?

Each shape, font and collection has a “Minimum Cut Size,” which can be different depending on the detail of the content (shape, font or collection) being cut.
The purpose of the “Minimum Cut Size” message is to inform you that the cut quality may not be acceptable at the selected size. You may choose to still cut the shape or choose to make the shape larger for optimal cut quality.

Are there any safety issues for students operating the Cutout Maker?

The Cutout Maker is designed to be safe enough for students to operate! The machine is UL and CE certified and meets the federal guidelines for safety. However, we do recommend that an adult change the blade, as it is very sharp.

How do I change the blade in the Cutout Maker?

Turn power OFF.
Rotate blade holder 90° toward front of unit.
Press blade release button.
Remove blade with blade removal tool.
Insert new blade.
Secure blade by turning power ON.
Rotate blade holder 90° back to operating position.

Does the LCD on the Cutout Maker tell me which color of material to load when cutting collections?

Yes! The LCD on the Cutout Maker will instruct you to load each color of material when needed. For example, “Load yellow construction paper.”

Can I use scrap pieces of paper to cut out shapes, fonts and collections?

Yes! You can create cutouts from scrap paper as small as 4” x 6”.

How do I apply a vinyl sign or decal?

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