Washington Street Elementary - Making Teachers' Lives EasierWashington Street Elementary School

VariQuest Case Study

In a district where there is already a shortage of teachers, Ms. Watkins, Principal at Washington Street Elementary, knew she needed to make the lives of her staff members easier and give them a reason to stay. Having heard of the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite, and after a quick Google search, she knew an investment with VariQuest would not go unnoticed. Since then, the Cutout Maker, Perfecta® Series printers, Design Center and Cold Laminator have been huge time-savers, according to Principal Watkins, taking 1/10 of the time creations used to take, and escalating teachers’ creativity to a whole new level, as they tirelessly strive to meet the needs of all 505 attending students.

Cutout maker for teachers

Teachers most often use their Cutout Maker for creating letters – with so many unique fonts available!

Creativity is Limitless with VariQuest

“Having both the poster machine and the die-cut machine has added an amount of preciseness and ease to the many projects I take on throughout the school year! These tools allow me to complete art projects in a fast manner with no time spent measuring, cutting, recreating, or stressing about the overall look. Love them!” – L. Jasper, Art Teacher

Washington street perfecta cutout maker bulletin board poster

Use Anchor Visuals for Greater Student Engagement

Washington Street Elementary, a Title l school, uses anchor charts, behavior charts and other poster output in their classrooms for deeper cognition and better engagement among students, all of which is simplified when using the VariQuest Perfecta® Poster Design System. “It is so easy to modify a poster and print and [teachers] can easily replicate anything they find with the built-in scanner [Perfecta® 2400STP], which they love!” says Ms. Watkins. “Lots of ideas on Pinterest too that are much easier to reproduce with the VariQuest tools.”

Washington Street Perfecta STP Poster 22

“The VariQuest [Perfecta] is a marvelous tool. It makes teaching much simpler and more concise. I have the ability to make anchor charts that are beautiful and large enough for my students to utilize, while at the same time making bigger fraction manipulatives that students can use. This has been a great investment for our school.” – C. Haber, 4th Grade Teacher

Washington Street School Celebrates Read Across America Day

With the help of the VariQuest tools, Washington Street Elementary came to life as they celebrated Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss week! They created lots of shapes and bulletin board displays to track their reading goals with the Cutout Maker, and took their favorite Dr. Seuss quotes, enlarged them to poster size, cut them and displayed them around the building for added inspiration!

Washington Street Reading Posters Perfecta

Washington Street Bulletin Board Cutout Maker

Students and staff had fun voting for their Favorite Dr. Seuss Books!

Growth Mindset— A Foundation for SEL

Teachers at Washington Street Elementary rely on the VariQuest Cutout Maker to create purposeful bulletin board displays, with ease, to help foster both SEL and academic Learning, as shown below.

Washington Street Bulletin Board Cutout Maker 5 Washington Street Bulletin Board Cutout Maker 4

“The difference the VariQuest tools have made has been significant. In fact, if anything were to break where it couldn’t be repaired, we would have to replace it and do without something else,” Principal Watkins says. “I don’t know how anything got done before the VariQuest tools!”



  • Retain teaching staff with tools that make their lives easier
  • Diversify instruction with visual and kinesthetic learning tools
  • Establish a school that fosters both social-emotional and academic learning

Next Steps

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