VariQuest Engage Every Learner® ContentThe VariQuest Engage Every Learner® Content is for educators with all ages and learning styles in mind.

Designed for You.

No matter what educational program you’re looking to enhance, the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite was designed with your needs in mind. We facilitate student achievement by engaging every learner with easy-to-use technology and innovational content, saving your teachers time and addressing the needs of your greater learning community. Education is the only market we serve, and we’re passionate about making it better.

When it comes to teaching your students Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, VariQuest’s learning tools for visual learners can provide classroom poster templates and the visual learning aids to help your students succeed. Choose the option below that best fills your needs and see for yourself why we’re a great fit.

CTE Programs
Every School
Distance Learning
STEM Programs
Special Education
Special Ed
For Early Education
Early Ed

For CTE Programs

Content for CTE Programs

CTE Programs

An effective CTE program ensures students are not only learning their coursework but also able to transfer what they are learning in the classroom directly to their future careers, instilling them with an education that is engaging, long-lasting, and adaptable to our world today.

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Testimonial: The Career Academy

The Career Academy in Lincoln, NE prepares high school juniors and seniors for college life or an industry trade through 16 different career pathways. “The significant impact is evident by transformed classrooms full of anchor charts, created on both the Perfecta and Poster Maker, and interactive bulletin boards [from the Cutout Maker]…”

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For Every School

Content for Every School

General Education

All schools benefit from Engage Every Learner® Content with all ages and learning styles in mind. From student engagement to recognition to parental involvement, VariQuest enhances the classroom environment, improves communication throughout the learning community, and ultimately saves educators precious time.

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Testimonial: Higgins Middle School

Higgins Middle School in Peabody, MA had a vision to incorporate this easy-to-use technology in their Digital Learning Center through a program called START (Student Technology Assistance Resource Center), where a selected cast of 20 students have the opportunity to interact with all elements of running a print shop.

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For Distance/Hybrid Learning

Distance/Hybrid Learning

Distance/Hybrid Learning

Whether for a pandemic or a snow day, educators adapt to the need for distance and hybrid learning options – and VariQuest is here to help. From support for virtual meetings and schedules to take-home hands-on manipulatives and activities, we’ve got what you need.

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Free Download: Distance and Hybrid Learning Activities

With distractions abound and parents often struggling to assist during distance learning, take-home, printed activities are a strategy worth employing to encourage a kinesthetic approach to a learning environment we’ve all had to adapt to. VariQuest can help.

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For STEM Programs

Content for STEM Programs

STEM Programs

STEM – or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – is a driving force in many classrooms revolving around concepts of a makerspace, engineering design cycle, and hands-on learning. With a makerspace-setup of tools and technology, the VariQuest Suite allows students to grow and explore through the process to ask, imagine, plan, create, improve, and share.

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Testimonial: Holly Grove Elementary

At Holly Grove Elementary School in Holly Springs, NC, Ms. Jennifer Starkey, a technology teacher, has been thrilled to watch her students design, create, and learn as VariQuest brings their ideas to life – which has made her classroom the most popular in the school.

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For Special Education Programs

Content for Special Ed

Special Education Programs

With a wide range of exceptional needs, we understand how important research-based instructional strategies and educational aids are for special education. VariQuest offers educators easy solutions to differentiate instruction, aid in fine motor development, promote positive behavior, and build work experience and career skills.

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Testimonial: Osseo Area School District 279

Students in the Community-Based Vocational Assessment and Training (CBVAT) program in Osseo Area School District 279 are always hard at work with the VariQuest tools, creating greeting cards and other school spirit offerings, sold to school faculty, parents, students and community members.

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For Early Education Programs

Content for Early Ed

Early Education Programs

Early education programs build the foundation for language development, motor skills, listening skills, and generally exploring the world. Our Engage Every Learner® Content enhances the learning environment, creates supplies needed for classroom efficiency, and engages children with visual supports and manipulatives for reinforcing learning concepts.

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Testimonial: Anoka/Hennepin County Head Start

Based in Coon Rapids, MN, the program provides education, nutrition, mental health, school readiness and parent engagement services to children and families from income-eligible households, and are equipped to foster a learning environment for enrolled children and families to learn, grow and thrive!

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