Learning Modules

Created with Common Core State Standards in mind, the VariQuest Learning Modules include cross-curricular activities that incorporate the use of visuals and manipulatives into instruction to easily accommodate different learning styles into existing curriculum as well as provide additional shapes, fonts and bulletin board collections.

Geography & Culture 3: World

This module focuses on the unique characteristics of the seven continents, as well as map skills and the relationships between geographic factors and society.

Geography & Culture 2: USA

This module focuses on the geography of the United States. Students will un- derstand concepts related to the five regions, identify each state, and learn its capital city and abbreviation, as well as the relationships between geographic factors and society.

Geography & Culture 1: Holidays

This module focuses on holidays celebrated in the U.S. The holidays included represent a variety of cultures and beliefs.

Community: Character Education, Diversity

In this module, students will use reading and writing skills to demonstrate understanding of the rights and responsibilities of being a good citizen.

Measurement & Geometry 2: Lines & Angles, Perimeter & Area, Special 2-D & 3-D Shapes

In this module, students will apply concepts of measurement and geometry, including what they know about special lines and angles, area, and attributes of two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Measurement & Geometry 1: Basic Shapes, Patterns, Time & Money

The key concepts covered in this module are shape attributes, patterns, time and money. Students will explore two-dimensional shapes, patterns, telling time and money concepts.

Number Sense 2: Multiplication & Division, Common Factors, Fractions

This module focuses on multiplication and division, including how those operations relate to each other and to what students already know about addition and subtraction; factors and common factors; fractions and operations with fractions; and decimals.

Number Sense 1: Counting 1-100, Addition & Subtraction

The key concepts covered in this module are counting, comparing quantities, number names, recognizing patterns, addition and subtraction.

Reading & Writing 2: Vocabulary, Punctuation, Reading & Writing

In this module, students will use general skills and strategies of the writing process, including grammatical and mechanical conventions in written composition.

Reading & Writing 1: Letter Recognition & Sounds, Basic Grammar & Punctuation, Reading Comprehension, Handwriting

This module covers alphabet skills, sound-symbol correspondence of initial letters and short vowel word families. Students will also learn some of the basic grammatical and mechanical conventions of the English language.

Life Science 1: Animals

This module focuses on the major groups of animals (amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles), and how and why we classify them.

Earth Science 1: Weather & Seasons

Through the learning activities in this module, students will learn about seasons, weathers, phases of the moon, clouds and the water cycle.