Design Center 2300 & Software

The central hub for all VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Design Center 2300 and its pre-loaded software provide easy access to more than 2,000 curriculum-based poster, award and flashcard templates as well as 5,000 graphics, saving schools the time and resources associated with the creation of handmade or outsourced materials.

Created with educators, students, and parents in mind, the Design Center 2300 and VariQuest Software will help increase academic achievement, boost productivity and transform your school.

Schools use Design Center 2300 & Software to...

  • Design posters, banners, awards, flashcards, and more using the software’s 2,000 customizable and curriculum-enriching templates and 5,000 graphics using the pre-installed VariQuest Software
  • Personalize templates with school’s mascots and logos or other graphics outside of the software by simply uploading images



Easy-to-use Workstation

Minimize setup and training with an easy-to-use touchscreen workstation, preloaded with all the necessary utilities and drivers so it’s ready to use right out of the box.

Save Time

Spend less time on lesson prep and more time on instruction with the software’s premade templates.

Differentiate Instruction

Differentiate instruction and improve academic achievement for students with special needs.


Easily customize templates with your own images, school mascot, logo, and more.

Support Achievement

Support student achievement and retention with customized instructional supports that transform classrooms into print-rich and engaging learning environments.

Touchscreen Technology

Bring the power of touch to your workroom and boost productivity using the latest touchscreen technology.

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Once we added VariQuest to our tools for our teachers, the students came alive - it was like 'KA-POW' in the classroom. They wanted to see what was new the next day.
Amy Erickson
Director of Academic Support
New Millenium Academy
VariQuest Full Suite Overview


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Common Questions

Is the Design Center all inclusive?

Yes, it contains a hard drive, monitor, CD-RW/DVD-ROM and six USB ports. Additionally, the Design Center is pre-loaded with the latest version of VariQuest Software.

Is there a significant difference between using the Design Center and running VariQuest Software on a regular PC?

Yes, the touch screen is easy to use, doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space and will not tie-up IT resources. Also, the Design Center comes pre-loaded with the necessary product drivers and software application to run the VariQuest tools, so it’s ready to use right out of the box. Any user can approach the touch screen without having to log on to a computer and begin using the software.

Can I load Microsoft Office software, Adobe Suite, or other applications on the Design Center 2300?

You can load Microsoft Office software and other programs on the Design Center; however, additional applications may slow down the performance of the VariQuest application. For optimal performance, we recommend you do not load other software programs onto the Design Center unless they are specifically designed to work with the VariQuest Software. At this time, the only program that we recommend Adobe® Reader and Inspiration® version 9.0a. VariQuest Software and its accompanying templates have been developed to work specifically with VariQuest product.

Can I import images (photo, clipart, etc.) into the DC2300 to use with the Perfecta, Poster Maker and Awards Maker templates?

Photos and images can be saved to a USB flash drive or burned onto a CD/DVD and installed on the Design Center. The files can be accessed by selecting a template and importing the photo or image located on the USB flash drive or CD right into that template. Please see the Design Center Software User’s Guide for supported file types.

What if I own an early version of the 3000 Series PosterPrinter that only has a parallel port and not USB, can I still connect this to the Design Center? Are special drivers needed since it’s not USB?

No, the DC2300 does not have a parallel port. You would need to load the software on an available PC with a parallel port and request the latest version of the VariQuest Design Center Software.

What happens when I purchase additional VariQuest products after I have initially set-up my Design Center?

It is recommended that you perform a software upgrade each time you add additional components. This will ensure the latest database of content and software updates.

Can I print 8 ½” x 11” originals to a desktop printer from the Design Center? Is it plug and play or do I need to load special drivers?

You will need to follow the Windows “Add New Printer” wizard when installing a desktop or laser printer. Once installed, it will appear in the “Output Devices” section located in the Workroom Assistant tab. Note – The Perfecta 2400 printer utilizes the 8 ½” x 11 tray located on the back of the printer.

Is VariQuest Software v5.0 compatible with Windows operating systems?

Yes, VariQuest Software v5.0 is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 10  (32- and 64-bit), 10 PRO (32- and 64-bit), Windows 8 PRO (32- and 64-bit), Windows 7 Professional (32- and 64-bit).

Can we load the VariQuest Software on each teacher’s computer?

Yes, the software license allows you to install VariQuest Software on computers located at your school site. Advantages include being able to print 8 ½” x 11” documents to use with the scan-to-print feature of the Poster Maker, save edited Poster Maker, Perfecta and Awards Maker templates on a USB flash drive to import and print to those devices, and the ability to view all of the available content. At this time, not all VariQuest devices are able to print or cut over the network. In order to view the Perfecta module and color content, the Perfecta will need to be physically connected to the PC at least once during install (it does not need to stay connected).

Is the VariQuest Software site-licensed?

Customers can load the VariQuest software on multiple computers in their building, providing the systems meet minimum software specifications. In order to activate the Perfecta module, a Perfecta printer will need to be connected upon initial install. Keep in mind, if a customer owns purchased or activated Cutout Maker content (PACD’s, TACD’s, Learning Modules, etc.) they are only licensed for one personal computer at the invoiced site – per the Varitronics license agreement.

What is the processor in the Design Center 2300?

Intel Core i3-6100. Memory: 4GB RAM / 500GB Hard-Drive.

Can I import a PDF file to print to the Poster Maker 3600 or Perfecta 2400?

Yes, with the VariQuest Software, Perfecta and Poster Maker customers can easily import and print a PDF. ‘My PDFs’ feature for the Poster Maker and Perfecta enables quick and easy printing of PDF files. The VariQuest software automatically scales the selected output size.

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