Motiva® 400

Recognizing and rewarding students, teachers, and staff can be easy and affordable! The Motiva® 400 specialty printing system allows you to create personalized award plaques, flashcards, study aids, bumper stickers, parking permits and more, providing a sense of accomplishment and pride in the learning environment.

With more than 700 customizable award and sticker templates in the VariQuest® Design Center Software, the VariQuest® Motiva® 400 promotes achievement for all members of your school community.

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Schools use Motiva® 400 to...

  • Recognize student accomplishments, promote academic progress, and build self-confidence with motivating, full color custom awards and stickers
  • Encourage active learning and increase engagement with on-the-spot recognition
  • Motivate students for success by recognizing positive behavior and attendance
  • Help students retain key lessons with customized flashcards and study aids
  • Apply real-world business skills and enhance fundraising programs by developing, marketing, and selling customized window decals, bumper stickers, and award plaques
  • Create customized, informational and professional signage for your classroom and school facilities



Enhance the Learning Experience

Recognize, engage, and shine a light on the achievement of all in your learning community through flashcard learning aids, personalized award plaques, differentiated activities & task cards, interactive notebooks, and more.

Designed for You & By You

Choose from more than 700 pre-made, customizable templates to save time, or let out your inner artist and design your own from scratch!

Save, Raise, & Make Money

Save time and money by bringing your awards in-house versus outsourcing – no minimum order quantities, lead times, setup or customization fees! Join schools nationwide by implementing Motiva™ 400 in your student-based enterprise or school store program. Recoup the cost of your machine by selling output such as bumper stickers, awards, decals, parking permits, etc.

Import Class Lists

Creating awards for the entire class? Making hundreds of parking permits? Easily import name and number lists instead of manually entering each name and/or number.

Better Ink and Output

The Motiva™ pigment ink cartridge makes your output durable – resisting smudging, scratching, fading, and water, and was developed specifically for printing on glossy inkjet substrates. Suitable for short and long-term applications, it only requires one cartridge, simplifying inventory management within schools.

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We’ve always had the need to show recognition to outstanding students and staff, but many times we simply made certificates from the Print Shop or Publisher. We now have a quick and easy way to make professional looking awards.
Michele Mendoza
Administrative Assistant
Motiva® 400 Overview


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