Perfecta® 2400

Designed by the makers of the original Varitronics PosterPrinter™  – used by over 37,000 schools since 1988 – the VariQuest Perfecta® 2400 System was a great solution for printing full-color posters and banners right at your school!

Our original Perfecta 2400 has been retired. Looking for the most advanced poster maker for your classroom and students? Check out the Perfecta STP Series – our scan-to-print, all-in-one poster and banner printing solutions, or the Perfecta 2400PRO, a cost-effective poster printing solution for your school! 

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Schools use Perfecta® 2400 to...

  • Post academic standards, test scores and other data charts
  • Promote academic achievement with photo recognition posters
  • Differentiate instruction with large visuals, like mind-maps and infographics
  • Communicate district- and school-wide initiatives with colorful posters and banners
  • Reinforce academic achievement and positive student behavior with custom award certificates



Print with Ease

Easy-to-use software, development specifically for educators and not graphic designers or print shop operators.

Small footprint

Perfecta’s small footprint and lightweight design make it ideal for tight spaces in school workrooms.

Quick Setup

Initial setup takes less than 30 minutes with all the necessary drivers and utilities preloaded onto the VariQuest Design Center, our touchscreen workstation.

Scalable Templates

Perfecta is the only poster design system capable of easily scaling templates up to 4 different sizes, giving you  versatility and savings on ink and media.

Automatically Adjusts PDFs

Print any PDF in seconds. Software will automatically adjust paper size setting to match the loaded media. No need to manually adjust driver settings or media preferences!

Save Money on Maintenance

Perfecta has a lower maintenance cost than most other inkjet poster printers due to its minimal ink usage during the cleaning process and its long-life printhead.

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Back-to-school time is always an exciting time. This year, being able to using our VariQuest equipment has made coming back to school even more fun. At our school, we focus on three Rs – Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness. I was able to use the Perfecta to print full size color posters to display throughout our school, reminding students to always exhibit these positive traits. We enjoy using these products!
Crystal Stanley
Appalachia Elementary School
Perfecta® 2400 Product Overview


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Common Questions

What advantages does the Perfecta have over other competitive wide format inkjet printers offered to the education market?

The VariQuest Perfecta is an all-inclusive system (printer, touch workstation and software) – all designed to work together and developed specifically for schools in mind. While we certainly understand there are other competitive wide-format printers on the market, we feel our solution is better suited for most school applications. Please contact your authorized VariQuest representative for a copy of the Perfecta 2400 Advantage flyer.

Can the Perfecta posters be hot or cold laminated?

Perfecta Bond – Hot and Cold Perfecta Heavyweight Coated – Hot and Cold Perfecta Semi-Gloss Photo Paper – Hot and Cold Perfecta Gloss Photo Paper – Hot and Cold Perfecta Matte Polypropylene – Cold lamination only (See ink drying time under Operating Conditions later in this section.)

Can we import a digital photo onto a blank Perfecta 2400 template to make a large photographic- quality image? What type of file and format should be used for optimum results?

Yes, you can import a graphic into a blank template; however, the quality of the poster is going to depend on a combination of the height, width, and resolution of your original image. If your height and width are greater than 2400 x 3600, and your resolution is 150 dpi or higher, you are pretty safe for a good print. There are several resources available on the internet to help understand print quality when enlarging photos. Please see previous question for a list of supported graphic file formats.

How much ink is included with the starter ink cartridges that are bundled with the Perfecta 2400? How much ink is included in a full cartridge?

Starter ink (per cartridge) – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow = 12ml; Black = 38ml
Full ink (per cartridge) – Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow = 29ml, Black = 80ml

How many posters can I print from the starter set and full set of inks? What is the cost per poster?

Ink usage varies based on many variables – type and amount of content on poster, output size, paper type, print speed, and printer maintenance. That said, Varitronics (VariQuest manufacturer and distributor) conducted tests to estimate the average cost per poster using Perfecta Heavyweight Coated paper. Please contact your authorized VariQuest representative for additional information.

Can the Perfecta posters be hot or cold laminated?

Perfecta Bond – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Heavyweight Coated – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Semi-Gloss Photo Paper – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Gloss Photo Paper – Hot and Cold
Perfecta Matte Polypropylene – Cold lamination only
(See ink drying time under Operating Conditions later in this section.)

Is the Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Paper designed for outside use? Will the ink bleed/run when it gets wet (rain, sprinklers, mist, etc.)?

The Perfecta Matte Polypropylene Paper cannot be hot laminated. The ink will bleed if it gets wet. Cold lamination will help protect from moisture – as well as fading. We recommend using the VariQuest Cold Laminator 2510 when laminating heat-sensitive materials.

Does the Perfecta print edge-to-edge?

Margins for the Perfecta are: (top x bottom x left x right)
Roll: 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 in
Sheet: 0.2 x 0.67 x 0.2 x 0.2 in

What size posters does the Perfecta print? I understand it is 24″ wide but can it be adjusted to print longer in length like banners? How versatile is it in adjusting the end product size of posters.

With the VariQuest® Design Software, Perfecta customers have a wide variety of output sizes to choose for their posters. Banners will vary in length depending on the template used or original length it was created.

Output size options for posters
– Standard – Posters are 24″x34″; banners will be scaled according to 24- inch width.
– Medium – Longest edge of the poster will be 24 inches.
– 13″x19″ sheet
– 8.5″x11″

Is the Perfecta 2400 Mac-compatible?

Yes, the Perfecta is Mac OS compatible however, the VariQuest software is not. The Perfecta 2400 printer can be used with any Mac-compatible graphic design software program, just not VariQuest software. Please contact your authorized VariQuest dealer or VariQuest Technical Support to obtain Mac-compatible drivers for your Perfecta.

What is the estimated life expectancy of the Perfecta?

Normal printer use means 800,000 m Carriage traveled distance (which corresponds approximately to more than 15,000 A1 prints on average). Under normal conditions, it will be approximately more than 5 years before the printer needs maintenance. If the printer is used more than the normal usage conditions, then it will need maintenance service more frequently.

Can the Poster Maker templates be printed on the Perfecta in color?

The majority of the Poster Maker templates that are available in the Perfecta module can be colorized. Be sure to select ‘Show all templates’ when browsing or searching for a template in the Perfecta module. Easy ways to differentiate a Perfecta template from a Poster Maker template – Perfecta templates have a blue bar and Poster Maker Templates have a red bar. Color text and graphics elements can be added to most Poster Maker Templates.

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