Poster Maker 3600 – Printer To Make Posters

Are you ready to transform your classrooms into visual learning environments?

Our original Poster Maker 3600 has been retired. Looking for the most advanced poster maker for your classroom and students? Check out the Perfecta STP Series – a new and upgraded alternative to the Poster Maker 3600!


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Reinforce key learnings, encourage cooperative group work and promote school pride with easy-to-customize, quick-printing posters & banners. Choose from nearly 700 customizable templates available with VariQuest software or enlarge smaller documents using the Poster Maker’s scan-to-print technology.


Schools use Poster Maker 3600 – Printer To Make Posters to...

  • Reinforce lessons with poster-size visual aids to increase students’ retention
  • Encourage cooperative group work with posters of Venn diagrams, mind maps, worksheets and more
  • Enlarge rubrics, standards, assessments and schedules to set clear expectations of students
  • Promote school-wide communication in a professional manner with posters of school events, activities, standards and more
  • Boost school morale and pride with motivational posters with your school logo and mission statement



Instantly enlarge 8.5″ x 11″ documents into large visual aids.

Time Saver

Save time by creating posters in seconds to reinforce lessons and support retention of presented material.

Encourage Teamwork

Enlarge graphic organizers for collaborative group work.

Promote Professional Development

Facilitate professional development workshops with posters of school improvement goals and benchmark results.

Low Maintenance

No need to bother with purchasing ink cartridges or toner. Poster Maker uses thermal technology for quick and easy printing.

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Use scan-to-print technology to easily enhance your classroom. VariQuest’s poster maker printers engages your students & provides visual learning! Explore our poster printer machines online or Call @ (800) 328-0585.

I just had to take a moment to let you know that we have discovered another wonder of the world: the Poster Maker and Cold Laminator! There isn’t a day that goes by since we purchased the equipment that we don’t say, ‘How did we get along without it?'
Elayne Elsky


Here's a small sample of the content available for Poster Maker 3600 – Printer To Make Posters

Common Questions

Can I still print banners on stand-alone mode?

Yes, there is an “Output Sizes” function located within the Menu selections on the LCD panel of the Poster Maker. Please refer to the Poster Maker User’s Guide for assistance.

Can I produce multiple copies of a poster when enlarging an area?

No. The “Multiple Copies” function is not available when using the “Enlarge Area” function.

Are supplies still available for PosterPrinter models?

Yes, we now sell two types of poster paper. PosterPrinter owners will continue to purchase PosterPrinter paper without end caps.

Is there a price difference between Poster Maker and PosterPrinter paper?

There is no price difference between the two types of poster paper.

Can I produce multiple copies of a poster when enlarging an area?

No. The “Multiple Copies” function is not available when using the “Enlarge Area” function.

Are paper roll end caps, tubes, or Poster Maker paper recyclable?

The paper core is recyclable, but the end caps need to be removed. The end caps and Poster Maker paper itself are not recyclable.

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