VariQuest® Interactive and Visual Learning Tools

At VariQuest, we provide an array of resources and tools to help you innovate and transform your classroom, from top to bottom. Our visual learning tools are the key to helping your classroom flourish with children who are growing in their knowledge and capabilities.

Interactive Learning Tools for Kids and Teachers

Our visual machine learning tools can help change your entire classroom's educational environment. The array of products we offer to help your students learn in a highly effective, visual manner includes the Design Center 2300 & Software, Trifecta™ 800 & STEM:IT, Perfecta® 2400STP and Perfecta® 3600STP, Perfecta® 2400, Cutout Maker 1800, Motiva™ 400, and Cold Laminator 2510.

Our products can produce exceptional learning tools for visual learners in the form of engaging posters, cutouts and 3D printed objects. Through the use of our product line that only focuses on technology for educators you'll find you can produce classroom letter cutouts, classroom poster templates, a variety of visual aid posters and so much more.

We stand with educators, helping them obtain the tools and resources they need. We also work tirelessly to deliver for students, giving them the kinesthetic learning and cognitive development through visual aids. Our products work in conjunction with our curriculum-based content for successful educational outcomes.

Our products include visual learning tools for teachers. In the classroom, teachers benefit from the wide-ranging possibilities to convey knowledge in an effective visual manner.

Get Interactive Learning Tools for Kids and Teachers

To learn more about the visual and kinesthetic learning products we offer, call our team today at 800.328.0585 or email us at or Feel free to request a meeting for an in-person demonstration of our suite of products.