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VariQuest supports educators and engages every student in their quest for learning by providing easy-to-use visual and kinesthetic learning tools. But don’t just take our word for it – explore our suite of academic tools to transform your classroom.

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How Do Schools Use the VariQuest® Suite?

Our Full Product Line of Visual Machine Learning Tools

Whether you’re looking for a digital die cutting machine, a cold roll laminator, a printer to make posters or something else, we have the full suite of products that can produce nearly any visual aid you put your mind to for your classroom. See our full line up of products here!

Touch-enabled Workstation
Design Center 2300 & Software
Design Center 2300 & Software
  • Design posters, banners, awards, flashcards, and more using the software’s 2,000 customizable and curriculum-enriching templates and 5,000 graphics using the pre-installed VariQuest Software
  • Personalize templates with school’s mascots and logos or other graphics outside of the software by simply uploading images


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24" or 36" All-in-One Poster Design System
Perfecta® 2400STP and Perfecta® 3600STP
Perfecta® 2400STP and Perfecta® 3600STP
  • Monitor student progress with development charts
  • Differentiate instruction with graphic organizers, infographics, diagrams, and mind-maps
  • Enlarge and display student artwork with ease
  • Scan graphic organizers and print smaller copies for student portfolios
  • Build school spirit by promoting student organizations and sports teams
  • Foster a sense of community with custom event posters, banners, and big heads
  • Promote project-based learning by creating products for student-based enterprises
  • Reinforce academic achievement and positive student behavior with custom award certificates or recognition posters
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24" Full Color Poster Design System
Perfecta® 2400PRO
Perfecta<sup>®</sup> 2400PRO
  • Differentiate instruction with large, cooperative visuals including mind-maps and infographics
  • Communicate district- and school-wide initiatives and events with colorful posters and banners
  • Support Career & Technical Education (CTE) and student-led enterprise programs with on-demand visual aids and marketing materials
  • Display health and safety standards, including hygiene reminders, directional signage, and hybrid schedule directives
  • Promote, reinforce, and encourage academic achievement and positive student behavior with personalized recognition posters and certificates
  • Post academic standards, test scores and other data charts
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Digital Die-cut System
Cutout Maker 1800 – Best Die Cut Machine For Schools
Cutout Maker 1800 – Best Die Cut Machine For Schools
  • Save staff time by quickly and easily creating manipulatives, cutouts, and bulletin board displays for a hands-on, interactive learning experience
  • Engage visual and kinesthetic learners with manipulatives and cutouts
  • Illustrate complex concepts with engaging cutout collections to raise student success
  • Create word walls with words formed by automatically connected letters
  • Save money with the versatility and scalability of the electronic die-cuts
  • Eliminate the need to re-cut laminated cutouts; instead, laminate a sheet of construction paper and electronically cut the laminated paper into your desired shapes


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Full-Color Award, Sticker, and Label Printer
Motiva® 400
Motiva® 400
  • Recognize student accomplishments, promote academic progress, and build self-confidence with motivating, full color custom awards and stickers
  • Encourage active learning and increase engagement with on-the-spot recognition
  • Motivate students for success by recognizing positive behavior and attendance
  • Help students retain key lessons with customized flashcards and study aids
  • Apply real-world business skills and enhance fundraising programs by developing, marketing, and selling customized window decals, bumper stickers, and award plaques
  • Create customized, informational and professional signage for your classroom and school facilities


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Top Quality Laminating Solution
Cold Laminator 2510 – Cold Lamination Machine
Cold Laminator 2510 – Cold Lamination Machine
  • Add longevity to your posters, banners, documents, cutouts, manipulatives and more by protecting and preserving them for continued use year after year
  • Laminate safely without heat and fumes
  • Create laminated posters to use with dry erase markers in small group activities
  • Laminate construction paper before creating cutouts, eliminating the need to cut them twice
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The VariQuest® Value

VariQuest provides all of the tools and resources you need to transform your classroom, from start-to-finish. We can help you to find the funding resources you need for VariQuest’s interactive learning tools for teachers and provide ongoing professional development, curriculum resources, and educational insights. Our lineup, specifically designed for educators, is extremely versatile and many of our products work together to form and outstanding set of visual aids for your classroom, as you can see from the transformation at the top of our homepage.

Learn more about how your students and classroom will benefit from VariQuest’s academic and visual learning tools. Our suite can help your students advance to exceptional levels in their education. Once you purchase a VariQuest product, there is so much more to discover! Take advantage of our Resource Center, get more insight through our Professional Development presentations, get e-guides, infographics, whitepapers and more from our Educational Insights blog and learn more about our VariQuest Design Software to take full advantages of your new purchase.

VariQuest Resource Center
VariQuest Resource Center

Our curriculum-based content goes beyond our Design Center Software. As a customer, get exclusive access to product-related lesson plans/content/activities, additional poster templates and designs, live and pre-recorded training sessions, and professional development webinars and workshop information.

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VariQuest Professional Development Opportunities
Professional Development

Through education partnerships and internal licensed experts, attend web-based and live professional development presentations covering everything from teaching best practices to brain development studies to hot topic curriculum discussions so all educators can meet their goals.

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VariQuest Classroom Content
Classroom Content & Software

Our VariQuest Design Software, complete with Engage Every Learner™ Content, is packed with thousands of templates, cutouts, graphics, fonts, and collections for classroom and hallway creations catering to every grade level, subject, and learning style to fully engage not just students, but all partners in a school community.

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Educational Insights and Research
Education Insights

We create and disseminate lots of resources in the form of e-guides, whitepapers, infographics, and blogs on many subjects ranging from Interactive classroom ideas to lesson plans to industry news, events, and offers throughout the edusphere.

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VariQuest Technical Support
Customer Care

We’re fluent in impeccable service. Get unmatched customer and technical support from our dedicated team by calling
1-800-328-0585 or emailing:


VariQuest funding resources and grants
Funding Resources

The VariQuest tools align with many federal and state grant opportunities, and we’ve got our ear to the ground to help you find and obtain all the funds available in our changing educational landscape.

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Case Studies

This New York Professional Learning Center provides services to nearly 1100 educators in the Greece Public School District and having the VariQuest Cutout Maker 1800 has changed how they support teachers.


Washington Street Elementary, with the help of their PTO, purchased the VariQuest Suite to help teachers create beautiful classrooms and purposeful learning tools in a fraction of the time.


Anoka/Washington County Head Start, based in Coon Rapids, MN, provides education, nutrition, mental health, school readiness and parent engagement services to children and families from income-eligible households, and the VariQuest tools helps their learning come alive!

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What's New With VariQuest?

With even more content designed for social-emotional learning, health & safety, and unfinished learning – we’ve been busy adding new templates, cutouts, and graphics, plus new features for new tools in our latest software update, bringing your VariQuest Suite Engage Every Learner® Content count to over 22,000 pieces! Download it right now on the VariQuest Resource Center!

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As social-emotional learning is powerful for forming strong, confident students and future adult members of society, we at VariQuest have gathered a few downloadable resources to help support educators in strengthening their social-emotional support curriculum. From a mental health check-in activity to a lesson plan unit, plus dozens of templates and more, use these free pieces to assist in your classroom, school, and beyond.

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Educators know that having strong behavior management skills can be as important, or even more important, as the ability to teach content. In this free eGuide, created in partnership with Cathy Henry of The Curriculum Corner, you’ll find a printable learning booklet, templates, and tips for working on behavior with your students on a personal level, to set classroom expectations and promote healthy student relationships.

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