Poster Maker 3600

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While we no longer offer this visual learning tool, we still provide supplies and technical resources to the many schools and districts that leverage it.

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The now-retired VariQuest® Poster Maker 3600 provides teachers and students with a quick and easy way to create and enlarge posters and banners for any room in the school.

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Looking to upgrade to a more advanced and capable printer to make posters? The Perfecta® Series printers have evolved to provide even greater customization, versatility, and efficiency with help from our Design Center 2300 workstation and software. Get yours today to start unleashing endless possibilities for differentiating instruction, boosting school pride, monitoring student progress, and more.

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Even in retirement, the possibilities are truly endless with the Poster Maker 3600. Take a look at what other schools and districts have produced using our easy-to-use platform, from visual aids and worksheets to enlarged rubrics and beyond.

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VariQuest poster maker output KWL chart
VariQuest poster maker output math rubric
VariQuest poster maker output geography
VariQuest poster maker output punctuation

Get the most from the Poster Maker 3600


  • Reinforcing lessons with poster-size visual aids to increase student retention
  • Encouraging cooperative group work with posters of Venn diagrams, mind maps, worksheets, and more
  • Enlarging rubrics, standards, assessments, and schedules to set clear expectations of students
  • Promoting school-wide communication in a professional manner with posters of school events, activities, standards, and more
  • Boosting school morale and pride with motivational posters with your school logo and mission statement


  • Scan-to-print functionality to instantly enlarge 8.5” x 11” documents into large visual aids
  • Ability to create posters in seconds to reinforce lessons and support retention
  • Ability to enlarge graphic organizers to encourage collaborative group work
  • Facilitation of professional development workshops with posters of school improvement goals and benchmark results
  • No need to purchase ink cartridges or toner
  • Thermal technology for quick and easy printing

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